New Product Features - 2021

2022 IBSuite Product Releases in Q3

We have started the second half of 2021 with some great enhancements to IBSuite. Read on to learn more. 

Aggregators have been part of the IBSuite ecosystem for a long time. Many of our customers have used this channel to successfully reach their clients and even, grow from start-up to Unicorn during the process. IBSuite has been enhanced in its support to this critical channel by moving this flow to a separate high-performing data store, where both the aggregators’ request and IBSuite’s responses are stored, and by redesigning the pricing calculation of product variants to take advantage of parallel processing capabilities. These enhancements significantly optimize IBSuite response-time performance, especially for multi-variant products and allow for a smooth and seamless transition from the aggregator to our customers’ standard insurance buying flow.  

Another key enhancement enables our customers to define custom Collection Rules profiles. Although there were several standard profiles that our customers used, for example, to collect a specific premium part on the first collection only, it is now possible to define and configure the distribution of the premium for each premium part, across the collection plan in any possible way. These profiles can be reused across the product portfolio, giving extra flexibility. The definition of Collection Rules profiles makes it easier to support certain regulatory requirements in specific geographies. Combined with discounts and discount rules this gives our customers marketing teams great flexibility to think and design premium-related benefits used in campaigns and incentives in any way they want.  

As usual, there has been some usability (UX) enhancements across the platform and the highlight this quarter was the introduction of the Object Cover Overview. This new component lists the object and covers details right on the quote entry, policy and policy history screens making it simpler to see this information, and when there is more than one object, each object and its cover details are listed separately. Additionally, changes to object or cover details are displayed in green when the Object/Cover-overview is displayed, enabling users to easily identify changes. As with everything else in IBSuite, this new capability was designed API-First and there are new endpoints in our API stack to retrieve this data. 

There are many other changes included in our monthly releases as the platform is continuously evolving, including incremental changes to IBSuite Manager, our tool to move configurations from one environment to another, the release of our Online Technical Documents repository and many more. 

Our monthly release notes have all the details you need to make the most of the new enhancements and our customer and partner webinars do regularly “deep dive” into key features. So, stay tuned and do not miss out on new features.  

In case you missed our Q2 product features summary you can find it here.

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Should you have any questions in connection with IBSuite and the latest features don’t hesitate to get in touch and rest assured that both IBSuite and IBA are ready to support you in your efforts.


Published December 2021