Claims Management

IBSuite Claims Management accelerates claims resolution, enhances customer satisfaction, and reduces the risk of fraud by enabling integration to external tools and real-time data capabilities. IBSuite Claims is a flexible claims management solution with an unparalleled degree of configurability. The claims module has a comprehensive feature set and enables insurers to drive smooth and automated claims processes, end-2-end. IBSuite ensures record-breaking fast and efficient settlement of customer claims and brings automation to a whole new level.

  • Automated claims processing
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Multi-channel claims registration
  • Customizable process configuration and case management
  • Manage reserves, recoveries, salvage, disbursements and reimbursements
  • Real-time claims tracking and status updates


Faster Claims Resolution

Speed up the claims process with automated workflows. Reduce the time to settle claims, improving customer experience and enhancing operational efficiency.

Reduced Fraud Risk

Integrate advanced fraud detection mechanisms. Protect against potential losses by detecting and preventing fraudulent claims through sophisticated analytics and external fraud detection systems.

Improved Customer Service

Offer real-time claims tracking and updates. Enhance transparency and communication with customers, thereby increasing trust and satisfaction levels.

IBSuite: The Ultimate Cloud-Native, End-2-End Insurance Platform

IBSuite is a cloud-native, end-to-end insurance platform ideal for comprehensive insurance core system replacements or innovative greenfield projects. It streamlines core processes such as sales, policy management, claims handling, and billing. With robust automation, an API-first approach, and adaptability to market changes, IBSuite enhances operational efficiency and customer experience through advanced CRM integration and data analytics. This positions IBSuite as a transformative industry force, elevating insurers to new levels of engagement and efficiency.

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