IBSuite Rating enables insurers to manage and apply complex rating algorithms with precision, supporting competitive pricing strategies and risk-appropriate pricing that aligns with business goals. The IBSuite Rating Engine is a best of breed, high-performing and flexible hybrid rating engine. It features the unique combination between the fast and simple definition of table-based rating structures combined with the rule-based approach and the possibility to execute algebra directly in the engine.

  • Flexible, high-performance, scalable rating engine
  • Integration with underwriting and policy administration
  • Highly configurable price calculation and structure
  • Real-time pricing updates and integration to external sources
  • Configurable computations and advanced algebra
  • Multi-variable rate tables


Precision in Pricing

Achieve accurate risk-based pricing. Utilize advanced rating algorithms to set prices accurately based on risk, enhancing profitability and competitive edge.

Dynamic Pricing Flexibility

Adjust rates in real time. Quickly adapt pricing strategies in response to market changes or internal analytics, ensuring agility in competitive environments.

Enhanced Profit Margin

Optimize rates for various customer segments or do A/B testing. Improve financial outcomes by fine-tuning prices for different segments or channels; balancing competitiveness with risk management.

IBSuite: The Ultimate Cloud-Native, End-2-End Insurance Platform

IBSuite is a cloud-native, end-to-end insurance platform ideal for comprehensive insurance core system replacements or innovative greenfield projects. It streamlines core processes such as sales, policy management, claims handling, and billing. With robust automation, an API-first approach, and adaptability to market changes, IBSuite enhances operational efficiency and customer experience through advanced CRM integration and data analytics. This positions IBSuite as a transformative industry force, elevating insurers to new levels of engagement and efficiency.

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