We Help P&C Insurers Transform Through Our Cloud-Native Insurance Platform, IBSuite.

Transform your insurance operations with IBSuite: the end-2-end insurance platform for property and casualty insurers. Embrace digitalization, new business models, distribution channels and emerging technologies. Trusted by industry leaders worldwide.

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Trusted by customers globally


Enjoy the latest advancements as we ensure seamless upgrades, at least monthly, to keep IBSuite always updated with the newest functionality.

Cloud Native

Embrace the future with IBSuite, a solution that’s 100% cloud-native. Born in the cloud for unmatched scalability, flexibility, and performance.

API First

As an API-first insurance platform, IBSuite enables you to obtain seamless connectivity with your current infrastructure and systems as well as external data sources and applications.

Secure and Compliant

With IBSuite, rest assured you’re 100% protected. Our unwavering commitment to compliance and security standards safeguards your operations, data, and peace of mind.

IBSuite in a nutshell


Complete solution; easily configurable – templates – multiple options for digitalization and automation


Accessible for customers and internal service agents at any given time; day and night

Cloud native

Run with high stability and low running/ maintenance cost

API First

Easy to integrate with external and internal solutions and applications


Easy to set up and roll out into new markets


Always updated with the newest functionalities

IBSuite is an End-2-End Insurance Platform for P&C Insurers Like You

Transform your insurance solutions with IBSuite, the comprehensive platform for P&C Insurers. Streamline operations from quote to policy management, elevate claims processing, and innovate with new digital models—all in a cost-effective way.

Realize the power of IBSuite Through our Use Cases

Dive into inspiring use cases that showcase how IBSuite empowers modern insurers to overcome complexities, drive operational efficiency, and elevate customer experiences.

Empower Your Insurance Business with Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience seamless integration, automation, and enhanced data-driven decision-making, all tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by modern insurers.

Trusted by Leading P&C Insurers Globally

Learn how top insurers partner with IBA and leverage IBSuite to transform their businesses, enhancing customer engagement, and boosting profitability. Learn more about our customer cases here.

“Based on the cloud-native IBSuite insurance solution, we have created an innovative digital platform that allows us to empower our customers and offer them a unique and convenient digital experience…”

Dave Stoll

CEO, doppo by Zurich

“IBA supported us by bringing great insurance knowledge, a helpful and highly dedicated team, responsiveness and a disciplined approach…”

Guy Farley

CTO & Co-Founder, Manypets

“When we wanted to launch a large scale affinity program with a prominent retailer and migrate the existing “income protection” portfolio, it was key for us to find a partner, who could provide a flexible and scalable platform that would enable us to easily configure new products…” Nicolai Meelby, SVP, Topdanmark

Nicolai Meelby

SVP, Topdanmark

“IBSuite was selected because it is a proven cloud-native end-2-end insurance platform, providing us with the flexibility to launch new business models quickly and introducing new channels to the market…”

Stefano De Liguoro

Head of Digital Business, Zurich


Enterprise customers adopted IBSuite to run their business


Transactions processed in IBSuite every month


Policies managed by IBSuite

Your Trusted Partner In Digital Transformation

We are a dedicated team of insurance technology experts committed to driving your success. With a deep understanding of the insurance industry, we provide innovative solutions to help you reaching your unique goals.

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