COVID-19 Important Update

The coronavirus is affecting us all, our families, our businesses and communities. Our thoughts go to the
ones that are impacted by the virus and our gratefulness goes to everyone that works hard to keep our
communities safe and healthy.

During this time, I want to reach out to you and update you on how IBA is handling the situation.

Security and safety of our employees is always of great concern and a key priority for IBA. We are following
the situation closely in all the countries where we are conducting business and where we have feet on the

We adhere to the guidelines given by the local authorities, meaning:

• that our employees work from home – in effect everybody was established from home office
beginning of last week.
• that our employees do not travel or have on site meetings with customers, prospects or partners

We remain committed to serving our customers and our partners with our usual due diligence and
professionalism, doing it remotely. We have the tools available and our teams are skilled in working

We know that all this requires an extraordinary focus on clear communication – our teams stay focused and
ready and will continue to do their utmost to service you at any given time.

We will daily assess when it is time to “return to normal” and constantly monitor the advice provided by
Health Authorities in each geography.

Stay healthy,
Michael Koehn

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