Customer Cases

IBSuite Impact: Unveil the success stories of our customers, powered by IBSuite’s innovative solutions.

Customer cases

Zurich: Modernising Insurance Platforms and Core Technology with IBSuite

Customer cases

Topdanmark: Establishing an Affinity Program with IBSuite

Customer cases

ManyPets: Creating a Collaborative Insurtech Solution for Pet Insurance with IBSuite

Customer cases

Frie: Providing Self-Service Insurance through Automation with IBSuite

Customer cases

AXA: Infiltrating the SMB Market with an Integrated Insurance Solution with IBSuite

Customer cases

AIG: POS Mobile Phone Insurance with IBSuite – The End-to-End Cloud-Native Insurance Platform

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Learn how top insurers partnered with IBA and leveraged IBSuite to transform their businesses, enhance customer engagement, and boost profitability.

“Based on the cloud-native IBSuite insurance solution, we have created an innovative digital platform that allows us to empower our customers and offer them a unique and convenient digital experience…”

Dave Stoll

CEO, doppo by Zurich

“IBA supported us by bringing great insurance knowledge, a helpful and highly dedicated team, responsiveness and a disciplined approach…”

Guy Farley

CTO & Co-Founder, Manypets

“When we wanted to launch a large scale affinity program with a prominent retailer and migrate the existing “income protection” portfolio, it was key for us to find a partner, who could provide a flexible and scalable platform that would enable us to easily configure new products…” Nicolai Meelby, SVP, Topdanmark

Nicolai Meelby

SVP, Topdanmark

“IBSuite was selected because it is a proven cloud-native end-2-end insurance platform, providing us with the flexibility to launch new business models quickly and introducing new channels to the market…”

Stefano De Liguoro

Head of Digital Business, Zurich

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