In IBA, we have crafted an architecture that lets us embrace our extensive expertise and focus on what we excel at, and we invest in 4 SDGs where we believe we can have the strongest impact

We develop and provision cloud native insurance software that supports innovation in the insurance industry.

IBSuite supports digitalization of the insurance industry
  • Digitalization of the insurance industry supports the Environmental, Social, and Governance in lowering the cost of service, thus allowing insurers to offer risk protection to underserved segments
  • Elimination of paper and online access to service and advice, reduced the carbon footprint of the insurance industry

We are a paper-free and virtual organization and actively seek recycling facilities and food-waste elimination initiatives.

Already in 2019, IBA took steps to reduce IBA office environment impact
  • IBA move from independent office to shared office facilities with superior recycling, heating and other shared resources
  • Office print (2022) reduced by 75% from pre-Covid-19 level (replaced by extensive use of Sharepoint, OneDrive and similar)
  • Air-travel (2022) down 40% from pre-Covid-19 level (replaced by Teams or similar facilities)
  • All employees provided with market leading video- and audio facilities to incentivize on-line meetings as alternative to travel

We use and promote the use of cloud-based technology to aggregate energy efficiencies.

Powering Operations With 100% Renewable Energy
  • In 2021, Amazon reached 85% renewable energy across their operations, and Amazon is on a path to achieve 100% by 2025. AWS’ infrastructure is 3.6 times more energy efficient than the median of surveyed U.S. enterprise data centers and up to five times more energy efficient than the average European enterprise data center
  • These renewable energy investments help power their data centers, as part of our commitment to reach net-zero carbon across our operations by 2040

We are building strategic partner relations with leading S/I’s to leverage our combined strengths in delivery

Software design can also increase efficiency
  • By 2025, Azure datacenters will operate entirely on renewable energy. The new energy-saving mode enhances user bootup experience, offering clear instructions to enable energy-saving mode on consoles. Additionally, idle and shutdown timers will be reduced to further enhance power efficiency during console idle times
  • IBA is using tools to put Test, dev and demo environments in “sleep”-mode when not utilized

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