IBSuite Sub-ledger provides robust financial management capabilities, ensuring accurate and compliant receivables/payables and financial reporting. The IBSuite General Ledger functionality facilitates the synchronization of booking references between IBSuite and the insurers General Ledger system. IBSuite works as a sub-ledger, controls the account and the balance of the individual customers.

  • Comprehensive financial reporting
  • Full traceability through booking references
  • Automated journal entries and full audit record for complete reconciliation and transparency
  • Customizable chart of accounts and advanced multi-dimensional mapping
  • Real-time financial data processing and powerful reconciliation features
  • Integration with all IBSuite modules


Streamlined Financial Operations

Automate and simplify financial processes.
Enhance efficiency and accuracy in financial reporting, reducing errors and providing timely insights into the company’s financial health.

Global Operations Support

Manage finances across multiple currencies and entities.
Easily handle financial operations in different regions and currencies, supporting global expansion and operational complexity.

Integrated Financial Ecosystem

Connect seamlessly with all insurance processes.
Ensure consistency and transparency across financial data by integrating financial operations with policy, claims, and billing modules.

IBSuite: The Ultimate Cloud-Native, End-2-End Insurance Platform

IBSuite is a cloud-native, end-to-end insurance platform ideal for comprehensive insurance core system replacements or innovative greenfield projects. It streamlines core processes such as sales, policy management, claims handling, and billing. With robust automation, an API-first approach, and adaptability to market changes, IBSuite enhances operational efficiency and customer experience through advanced CRM integration and data analytics. This positions IBSuite as a transformative industry force, elevating insurers to new levels of engagement and efficiency.

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