Policy Administration

IBSuite Policy Administration offers a comprehensive solution for managing the entire policy lifecycle, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring policy accuracy and compliance. IBSuite Policy Administration allows for insurers, regardless of size, to be responsive to customer needs, keeping the customer in focus and ensuring operational excellence. IBSuite allows for managing the entire lifecycle of a policy in one single platform – regardless of line of business.

  • End-to-end policy lifecycle management
  • Product agnostic – supports any and all risk-based products as well as risk-based life
  • Flexible product and coverage configuration
  • Detailed audit trails for transparency
  • Seamless policy issuance and renewals as well as efficient policy change capabilities
  • Integrated document management system


Streamlined Policy Management

Automate and manage the entire policy lifecycle with ease. Simplify the administration of policies from creation to renewal, reducing administrative costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Flexible Product Offerings

Easily configure and customize insurance products. Adapt to market demands quickly by customizing products and coverages, allowing for a faster response to customer needs.

Enhanced Compliance and Reporting

Maintain accurate records and compliance with regulations. Built-in audit trails and integrated document management ensure that all policy changes are tracked and compliant with industry standards.

IBSuite: The Ultimate Cloud-Native, End-2-End Insurance Platform

IBSuite is a cloud-native, end-to-end insurance platform ideal for comprehensive insurance core system replacements or innovative greenfield projects. It streamlines core processes such as sales, policy management, claims handling, and billing. With robust automation, an API-first approach, and adaptability to market changes, IBSuite enhances operational efficiency and customer experience through advanced CRM integration and data analytics. This positions IBSuite as a transformative industry force, elevating insurers to new levels of engagement and efficiency.

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