New Product Features - 2021

2022 IBSuite Product Releases in Q2

As part of our vision, we believe that IBSuite must be easy to integrate to and from, and we are constantly driven by this mandate as part of IBSuite’s API First design. IBSuite has one of the most powerful integration layers in the market, with hundreds of endpoints that not only expose all relevant data entities and associated metadata, but also all the processes in the insurance lifecycle.

In the second quarter releases, we have made a series of additions to different aspects of IBSuite’s integration layer. Some of the key changes are:

  • We have introduced an additional level of supervision to all API calls by implementing AWS CloudFront, a fast content delivery network (CDN) service that co-resides at AWS edge networking locations and securely delivers data and APIs to customers globally with low latency and high transfer speeds. It not only improves the general performance but it also provides our Support Team with an additional layer of information which will be used to proactively monitor performance, and in the analysis of incidents. As with all releases, our DevOps team has implemented this without any service interruption or changes in the way our customers operate.

  • We have enhanced our Payments Services Integration, making it easier to cancel previously processed payments, if for example, a direct debit payment is withdrawn after it was processed. In fact, the process can run fully automated, cancel the previously successful payment collection, and open a new one, with an unpaid status. Of course, the process can also be managed manually by users with the appropriate permissions.
  • We have added new hooks to the quoting process. Hooks provide interfaces within IBSuite to insert a customized behavior, used to alter or augment the standard processes. Often, these hooks are used by our implementation teams to notify events to the customer ecosystem. These hooks make it easier to work consistently when we implement what our customers need IBSuite to do.

  • We have improved the Premium Part details in the coverage structure of our quote, policy and claim endpoints, making it simpler to display the information without the need for a second lookup of information.

Another paramount principle in IBSuite is data security. It is important for us, because we know it is important for our customers. We have now made it much more intuitive and simpler for our clients to map their internal structure and drive row-level security based on these structures, by introducing extensions to Organizational Units. Organizational Units, give users access to the information they need to do their jobs and at the same time restrict access to information that is not relevant or is considered sensitive.

Row Level Security uses three types of Organizational Units: Functional, Support and Matrix.

  • Functional- or Support Organizational Units are hierarchical and provide downward hierarchy access to data, users can only belong to one functional or support unit and will always have access to view the data of underlying Organizational Units.
  • Matrix Organizational Units are not hierarchical, users can belong to multiple matrix organizational units, allowing to set very precise access options to internal users and other entities.

There are many other changes included in our monthly releases as the platform is continuously evolving. Our monthly release notes have all the details you need to make the most of the new enhancements and our customer and partner webinars regularly deep dive into key features, so stay tuned and do not miss out on new features.

In case you missed our Q1 product features summary you can find it here.

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Published July 2021