New Product Features

2021 IBSuite Platform Enhancements: New Product Features

IBSuite is IBAs native cloud insurance platform, and all our customers are always on the latest version. Not only does this mean they never have to go through a costly and painful upgrade project, but also that they immediately benefit from the platform enhancements and new features introduced by our R&D department.

Our team of specialists infuse new functionality into IBSuite throughout the year, with new enhancements and features added every month.

These are some of the key enhancements we have released during the first quarter of this year:

Localization: IBSuite was born multi-lingual with full multi-language support, thus allowing easy-to-configure customer communication and document generation in the customer’s language of choice, as well as platform navigation in the user’s language of choice. We have now extended this support to premium part types (covers, taxes, fees etc.) descriptions in our January release, making it even easier to implement multi-language products for our global customers. This adds to our December release, where we introduced Message Template Groups and the ability to override communication language preference for each quote, policy or claim. We will continue to make it easier and more intuitive to add localization components. Look for the “Localized values” button in the different parts of the UI.

Product: IBSuite template-based product capabilities have been enhanced in our February release with a wizard-like workflow, that automatically takes care of all the configuration steps, so you don’t have to worry about updating any configurations. The process will configure the new script identifier and all the required enumerations, simple and complex (Lists and Structs) product parameters, premium part types and premium calculation steps. The “Mini Copy Product Wizard” will guide you through the seamless effort it is to create a product variant or version.

Data Segregation: Making sure that the right data is only available to the authorized users has been a key feature of IBSuite since its inception. With our January release, we have made it simpler for users that have access across multiple segregated entities to navigate and find the data they need to see. Customer Account Balance and Parties Bank Accounts now include improved sub-agency filtering features so unrestricted users can improve their navigation. Also, we have included a filter option, in the user preferences, so the user can decide how quotes, policies, claims and cases are shown.

Of course, we have included dozens of other small changes in our monthly releases as the platform is continuously evolving, like the introduction of product groups for GL accounts, which allows to easily share account mappings across similar products or an enhancement to filter notes by sub-agency in all main entities (customers, quotes, policies or claims) as well as multiple technical enhancements, API extensions and a few bug fixes.

Our monthly release notes have all the details you need to make the most of the new enhancements and our Partner Webinars regularly deep dive into key features, so stay tuned and don’t miss out on new features.

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Should you have any questions in connection with IBSuite and the latest features don’t hesitate to get in touch and rest assured that both IBSuite and IBA are ready to support you in your efforts.


Published April 2021