ManyPets: Creating a Collaborative Insurtech Solution for Pet Insurance with IBSuite


ManyPets wanted to collaborate with Munich Re Digital Partners (MRDP) to introduce an Insurtech solution for Pet Insurance in the UK. They secured £7.5 million in Series A venture funding, with Munich Re, a reinsurance company, among the investors. By leveraging social media and search data, ManyPets wanted to offer insurance informed by data-driven insights, leading to more efficient and well-informed pricing.

“IBA supported us by bringing great insurance knowledge, a helpful and highly dedicated team, responsiveness, and a disciplined approach”

Guy Farley
CTO & Co-Founder, ManyPets


ManyPets, formerly, Boughtbymany, is a UK-based company founded in 2012 with a mission to make insurance fairer for everyone. ManyPets is a members-only service that provides free assistance in finding insurance for items that are not typically covered by standard insurance policies. They offer pet, travel, and home insurance, among other products.

ManyPets aims to simplify the insurance process and provide customers with a transparent, straightforward experience. They believe in creating personalised insurance products that are accessible and easy to understand.

The solution

ManyPets was able to acquire a top-of-the-line platform through IBSuite, which is highly customisable and
designed for real-world production. The platform was curated to accommodate ManyPets’ needs easily as it

The benefits

Flexibility and adaptability

ManyPets has dramatically benefited from implementing IBSuite, a flexible and adaptable platform fully equipped to support their growing business and client base.

Scalability for growth

ManyPets has gained the ability to scale with the reassurance that the platform can accommodate their future expansion.


The real-world production-ready solution of IBSuite has been highly configurable, ensuring that ManyPets can tailor it to their unique requirements.

Expert support

IBA provided invaluable support to ManyPets, leveraging their extensive insurance knowledge to provide specialist advice and guidance throughout the implementation process.

Experience and guidance

IBA’s dedicated and disciplined approach, coupled with exceptional responsiveness, has been instrumental in ensuring the project’s success.

The results

Following the platform’s launch, ManyPets has received numerous awards for their innovative and customer- focused business approach. This success is a testament to the collaboration between ManyPets and IBA, which has resulted in the creation of a robust and scalable platform that has enabled ManyPets to grow and thrive in their industry.