Claims Management

Efficient claims management and customer interaction is crucial within the insurance business. Not only do claims directly impact your company’s combined ratio, but how you handle claims can define your relationship with your customers.

Efficient Claims Management

Many parties are potentially involved in the claim process: customers, agents, brokers, claims assessors, and repair companies. IBSuite includes party management so that you can take care of any tasks related to other parties as a part of your claims process. In other words, IBSuite ensures record-breaking fast and efficient settlement of customer claims, if that is what you want. That means a possibility to handle a claim and payout within seconds.

Claims Management Features

With IBSuite, data is always linked to actual policy contracts showing current status and history of reserves and payments. Workflows are automated meaning that claim reserve handling, recovery management and settlement are processed automatically providing your business with a significant efficiency gain. Further, IBSuite supports integration with third parties, like repair shops or loss adjusters along with supplier management feature allowing version control of communication and documents. All track and traceable.