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IBSuite facilitates the full lifecycle of insurance, from quote to bind as well as end-2-end policy administration, efficient claims handling and billing – allowing customers to run a full-fledged insurance business as well as the ability to bring new customer journeys and digital business models to the market. Quickly and cost efficiently.

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IBSuite Sales and Underwriting

It is increasingly important to be customer centric. With IBSuite you get true multi-channel capabilities and customer centric design of new products and channels, supporting direct sales, sub-agencies, affinities and white labels.

  • Maintain the 360⁰ view of the customers.
  • Any insurance product or product variant can be brought to market through any channel.
  • Characteristics like rating, clauses and underwriting rules can be channel dependent.
  • Transparent view throughout the customer portfolio for authorized users.
  • Full visibility into any and all engagements with a customer through any channel.
  • Full data security controls and full segregation of duty.

IBSuite Policy Administration

Manage policies in a highly flexible, configurable and yet very comprehensive and easy-to-use policy administration system. IBSuite Policy Administration allows for insurers, regardless of size, to be responsive to customer needs, keeping the customer in focus and ensuring operational excellence. IBSuite facilitates to manage the entire lifecycle of a policy in one single platform – regardless of line of business.

  • Manages the entire life cycle of a policy.
  • Product agnostic – supports any and all risk-based products as well as risk-based life.
  • Allows for automated underwriting.
  • Supports all key processes for policy administration.

IBSuite Claims Management

IBSuite Claims is a flexible claims management solution with an enormous degree of configurability. The claims module has a comprehensive feature set and enables insurers to drive smooth and automated claims processes, end-2-end. IBSuite ensures record-breaking fast and efficient settlement of customer claims and brings automation to a whole new level, i.e. with the native support for parametric and index-based insurances where a claim can be logged automatically based on an external trigger point.

  • Builds on industry best practices and yet allows for extending processes to define exactly your required claims journey.
  • Supports FNOL both through the backend and through APIs.
  • Allows you to manage reserves, recoveries, salvage, disbursements and reimbursements – easy and hazzle free.
  • Provides excellent overview of all claim relations (suppliers, counterparts, other insurers, witnesses etc.).
  • Smoothly integrates to external providers, i.e. fraud detection systems.
  • Allows for full end-2-end claims processing directly in the system or through TPA enabled interfaces.


With Customer 360 IBSuite provides the full overview of a customer and all the customer engagements. Customer 360 provides a holistic overview of all customer data, customer communication, documents, cases, quotes, policies, claims, financial statements and insights. Drive the customer relationship process out of IBSuite using the built-in CRM capabilities tailored for insurance and the insurance lifecycle or integrate to external CRM platforms, through one of the many connectors available in IBSuite.

  • React to external customer events.
  • Look up customer data in external data sources.
  • Link customers through party relations (i.e. families and households).
  • Configurable customer 360 overview. Full customer-insight.
  • Run campaigns and execute campaign related processes.

IBSuite Billing

Streamline and automate all aspects of the billing activities (invoice generation, invoice distribution, sub-ledger control etc.) and handle all aspects of billing and cash management as well as commission handling – configurable and manageable by any user. Manage billing schedules, payment frequencies, installment plans, payment channels, reconciliation rules and specific collection rules directly from IBSuite – support multiple payment channels, including but not limited to credit card, bank transfers, direct debit etc.

  • Full flexibility in defining billing properties and processes (installment plans, payment channels, collection intervals etc.).
  • Configure the processes to meet your required level of automation.
  • Obtain a uniform overview of billing information on party, customer, policy- and claim level.
  • Manage not only customer balances but also party (externals, brokers, agents, insurers, suppliers etc.) balances
  • Ensure full automation of payment reconciliation (placement of receivables).
  • Always up-to-date and with the full overview of financial transactions that have occurred on a customer record.

IBSuite Product Configuration

IBSuite enables insurers to configure classical as well as highly innovative products and new hybrid product / service combinations that truly differentiates in the market. IBSuite has a comprehensive and highly flexible product model, that enables users to define, configure and maintain all types of general insurance products. One insurance product does not fit all. Product configuration in IBSuite is agile and enables the business to be self-sufficient in creating new products in hours and leverage it quickly.

  • Single object / policy with a single cover for very simple small ticket / warranty type of products.
  • Single object / policy with multiple covers, i.e. for personal accident, travel etc.
  • Multi object / multi cover policies, i.e. for motor, property, commercial buildings etc.
  • Master policy concept i.e. used for fleets and partner agreements where a master policy can hold the partner specific elements of the product.

IBSuite Rating

The IBSuite Rating Engine is a best of breed, high-performing and flexible hybrid rating engine. It features the unique combination between the fast and simple definition of table-based rating structures combined with the rule-based approach and the possibility to execute algebra directly in the engine. Further to this it has a callout interface that allows for integrating to external services for further calculations or doing advanced data lookups or even integrate to external rating engines.

  • Configuration of validation checks, severity of these checks and end-user communication.
  • Automatic calculation of derived attributes.
  • Configurable price calculation and structure.
  • Configurable computations and advanced algebra.
  • Internal- and external API calls.

IBSuite General Ledger

The IBSuite General Ledger functionality facilitates the synchronization of booking references between IBSuite and the insurers General Ledger system. IBSuite works as a sub-ledger, controls the account and the balance of the individual customers. The General Ledger (GL) Export facilitates collecting and aggregating transactions into “booking references” being delivered to the General Ledger System. IBSuite keeps a full audit record for complete reconciliation and transparency.

  • Full traceability through booking references.
  • Configurable chart of accounts.
  • Advanced multi-dimensional mapping.
  • Powerful reconciliation features.

IBSuite Output Management

With IBSuite Output Management insurers can simplify the process of managing document templates, document output rules and document processing rules. The document generation feature in IBSuite is fully template based (based on templates that any business user can define in Microsoft Word) and real-time merged with data from IBSuite, creating a swift and professional looking form or document.

  • IBSuite supports a long series of standardised document templates.
  • Managed documentation on all levels (customer, party, quote, policy, claim).
  • Business Users can manage document templates – using standard tools.
  • Templates are fully versioned.

IBSuite supports any line of business for risk-based products