A new era of insurance

IBSuite can be easily integrated within a heterogeneous IT-environment.

IBSuite’s inherent capabilities allow for seamless integration with less interoperable backend systems. This provides a uniform quote-to-bind process, aligning user interfaces and rules for sales personnel. This process even includes the opportunity to sell bundled products across a number of policy administration systems. Or it can fully replace existing systems, as IBSuite is an end-to-end insurance platform.

The full range of IBSuite capabilities is built on a resilient, robust, modern and secure industry-leading, non-proprietary SaaS architecture. It provides you with a common application and data model which, together with a flexible and powerful integration layer, is easy to configure and quick to integrate with a customer and third-party services. This further supports customers’ need to respond to constantly changing market conditions as well as their speed to market requirements for both standard and innovative insurance products.