Potential Business Alliance Partner

IBA is experiencing rapid growth, closing new deals every month. Therefore, we are constantly on the lookout for new business partners, who would like to become a part of a new global success.

What we offer
  • An extremely useful account-opener with a value proposition based on
    • a new type of solution – with focus on customer centricity, business agility and the notion that the Insurance industry is at a breakpoint
    • a solution with platform capabilities and room for up-sell & cross-sell
    • a go-to-market approach based on sliding-in instead of rip-and-replace
  • A membership of a vibrant Ecosystem with Advisors, Implementers and Integrators
  • A significant cut if you do the sale and support
  • Loyalty to our partner model and you
What we are looking for
  • Partnerships with companies having proved excellence in the triangle between
    • High level Advisory services for the Insurance industry
    • IT-implementation & Support services for standard systems
    • Providing functional- or data services for the Insurance industry
  • Local 1st and 2nd line support capability
  • Sales skills and experience within the Insurance industry in one or more geographies
  • Loyalty to the concept of a true partnership
    • No exclusivity – but clear communication if/when competitive situations arise
    • High mutual trust when working on a deal
    • Long term relationship