Digital Inclusion: The next phase of product innovation

Innovation in the Micro-Insurance Business Model

The micro-insurance business model requires a deep digital product innovation to meet the needs of the un-insured and under-insured population.

Digital at the core, to enable digital experiences at a very low cost per transaction and with high scalability (being cloud native makes the difference)

Embedded Insurance is about enabling any business (in any industry) to manage and sell innovative insurance; seamlessly integrating creative forms of insurance into their end user experiences. E.g. enabling your car share service, for example, to come automatically with mobility insurance, or your new camera to come with theft and damage protection right out of the box as part of the overall price.

The future of insurance is to be part of everyday life, work and business experiences. This requires a new generation of core technology with superior integration capabilities. API-first. Cloud-first. Digital First.