Mastering the Business Case – IBA does

Mastering the Business Case is a comprehensive book about optimized benefit realization, and how to produce a Business Case that supports this. Why is this relevant? As written in the foreword: “One of the root causes of failed projects is unclear business objectives.”

You get a profound documentation of such business objectives in Mastering the Business Case. If the Business Case is missing, the project manager and all resources related to the project have no clear guidance. This could end up in de-focused decisions, add wasteful complexity to the project, add unnecessary cost, prevent any focus on realizing the benefits, etc.

IBA – an ideal case of Business Management

The Business Canvas Model of the insurance industry has changed considerably to more complex business models. As the selected case for the Business Management chapter, you can read how IBA during our agile solutions make it possible for our customers to match increasing market dynamics and new demands – not least because we are capable of implementing insurance solutions multiple factors faster than market average.

As Anders Engdal, CEO of IBA, points out, “When the implementation of a solution starts, all energy should be focused on the business application change. The faster the implementation will be completed, the faster the company is able to change their business model to support the new requirements from customers, partners, aggregators and statutory authorities.

The organization will be able to quickly follow new market trends while adjusting products to new demands, and the break-even level where the return becomes positive from introducing new products is lower than before.”

Authors of the book: Klaus Nielsen, Cambridge-educated dual MBA holder, and Martin J. Ernst, M.Sc. and Assistant Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen

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