New Notifications?

There are 2 options for receiving notifications in IBSuite;

1 – Receive an email in your own inbox. This is a great way to ensure that even when offline, you will receive a notification about what you have to do.

2 – Receive a chat message. This works when you are logged into IBSuite with your chat in active mode. This way you will instantly receive notification about what you have to do.


You find the settings in ‘My Profile, ‘Preferences’.

Chat prefs

CPR restored

CPR (the local danish SSN registry) has migrated to another IT platform over the weekend. IBSuite services was impacted early this morning but should now be restored for all customers accessing CPR through the IBA datacenter. We apologize for any inconveniences arisen by this incident that was partly outside of our control.

Favorites speed up navigation

Some functionality, internally in IBSuite as well as externally either in your own company or the environment surrounding your business, you use more frequent than others. These can be defined as your favorites.

Setup your ‘Favorites’ in its Dashboard widget to enable quick navigation to your preferred links (URLs), IPU’s (IBSuite Program Units), Reports (Operational system reports) or Menu Items you often use for your daily tasks.

On advantage of ‘Favorites’ is that throughout your IBSuite, you can access them at a single mouse click from the top, right hand corner of the navigation bar.



Did you know that you can activate the new GoTo pop-up dialog, simply by pressing the letter “g” whenever you are not in a text entry field? It works exactly the same as the well known GoTo menu in the upper right corner..

(Applicable from v.1.7 and on)

GoTo menu

SBM joined the group of IBA customers this week!

This week the Swedish insurance agency, SBM, joined the group of IBA customers. SBM has great success with safety solutions within the vehicle insurance market – especially within Micro-insurances for the car market. With the implementation of IBA’s insurance solution, SBM will be able to introduce new products much faster.

“SBM is in growth, and it is essential for us that we are able to offer the products our customers demand within a short time period. In addition it is crucial that the system supports flexible workflow for our employees, and we are convinced that the IBA solution will meet our expectations”, says Per Anders Prabert, CEO, SBM.

The rapid growth of IBA continues

So it is a pleasure to welcome our new employee Jens Broholm. Jens Broholm will be responsible for IBA’s Professional Services, and Søren Hebsgaard will now be able to focus more on establishing our partner network, partly in Scandinavia and partly in the rest of Europe and Latin America. Jens has +20 years of experience with IT – and the development in the insurance business, i.a. as IT Director in Tryg. Jens has been part of numerous projects within implementing of new products, process optimizing, conversion of portfolios, and changing of core platforms

Another great customer landed by IBA!

When London-based MAG Ltd. went looking for a new Insurance IT-platform to secure their continuous Growth – as well as their position as the largest Lloyds broker on the Italian market – the choice fell on IBA and Kube Partners. In-depth industry knowledge, easy deployment as SaaS, extreme agility, ultra-quick implementation, rich integration possibilities and support for all processes from quote-to-bind made the difference.