IBSuite: Insurance Sales Management

As a sales professional, you know how important it is to have the right products and channels available at the right time, and that it is equally important to have a full overview of the customers and segments you would like to approach.
We designed our IBA platform, IBSuite, with this in mind and a special focus on building a customer centric insurance application, where configuration – not development – of new products and channels is quick and easy. We offer IBSuite as a Software-as-a-Service deployment model, which effectively shields you from costly and time-consuming upgrade projects, system maintenance and IT infrastructure costs.
See how the new intuitive and flexible Dashboards in IBSuite make your daily work easier and quicker:

Easy bundling of quotes or products

With IBSuite it is an easy process to add more products to the same quote, either as a part of a bundle that could trigger a bundle discount or as options for the customer to choose from. Furthermore, you have the possibility to define whether the products can be part of one single master policy (with one policy number for all quoted covers) or has to be separate policies – giving you a great flexibility on how you define bundles and how you want the policies to be renewed.

Effective overview of the sales process
As a sales manager, you want access to up-to-date sales performance data of
ur team and business partners. Hence, data from all sales channels under your authority are aggregated in your dashboard, giving you an easy 360⁰ view on how important metrics like Conversion Ratio or Revenue-per-Product are developing.
You can also create your own reports, export to Excel or create your own widgets for your team.