IBSuite: Insurance Marketing & Campaign Management

With the increasing competition and the introduction of new products and channels, it is even more necessary to be able to target your marketing, and to be able to detect changed behaviour of the market as early as possible.

Data is everything
With IBSuite you can have full access to all the customer data that are collected by your Sales-, Claims- and Policy-administration teams; not only factual data like age, gender, family relations or active products, but also more behavioural data like campaign results or not accepted quotes.

The data model is completely centred on Parties (which again can be eg. Customers, Prospects or Partners) making all relevant information
easy to retrieve for anamarketinglytical use or as a selection criteria for a campaign. Additionally, the data model can be extended to hold any information you might need to link to a customer or a party; this could be information retrieved from social media, internet sites or third party data providers.

Moreover, governments are increasingly eager to protect consumers against foul play, so the regulatory requirements for data privacy and documentation of the sales- and marketing process increases over time. The campaigns executed in IBSuite are automatically logged on the customer, leaving an audit trail to be used as documentation if needed.