IBSuite: Insurance Claims Administration

There are often many parties involved in a claims settlement, which can lead to lengthy delays because of the amount of communication and parties involved. For example, the customer, agent, broker, claims assessor, the claim handling clerks and sometimes a supplier for replacement of the lost or damaged goods, or a repair company.

Claims administration is an integral part of IBSuite thus allowing the claims handler to take full advantage of all data and registrations in the system. Likewise, all important claims data are accessible for other authorized users as a part of the 360⁰ customer centric IBSuite data model.

Automated insurance claim software
All tasks in the claims process – from the First Notification Of Loss (FNOL)-page or manually entered data from the telephone questionnaire, to the release of the claims reserves – can be automated in full or partially, and all actions or alterations made on the claim are logged. Documents or pictures are added to the claims case by simple drag-and-drop functionality or uploaded by the customer to further document the case. See also our product page about Claims Management for more details of the claims process.

By spending less hours processing claims your company will have more time to concentrate on other areas that are vital to the business.

Case handling can be easily outsourced to third parties who only will have access to limited customer- and policy-data to enable them to settle the claim. Because of the intuitive user interface, training can be completed in less than half a day, and there is no need to install any software locally at all.