IBSuite: Insurance Broker Processes

Is it hard for you to bring new insurance products to the market? Either due to inflexible IT systems or too high costs of Sales & Distribution in your current model …

With IBSuite insurance software for brokers you can enable your brokers and customers to use self-service, and at the same time get significantly smaller implementation projects, easy configuration of new products and channels, cloud-based delivery and a transparent revenue-sharing model. We believe all this would satisfy your need for agility, reduce your IT resources and give you a nice and transparent cost model.

Quote-to-bind process

Ideally, a full quote-to-bind process can be handled within minutes rather than days or weeks. You can create quotes as single policy, multi-policy or product bundles. The quoting process is fully supported by automation and can be enriched by integrations, e.g. for register or inventory lookup.

When a customer accepts a quote, convert the quote using either an automated process or manually through the user interface. Only quote entries marked for conversion are converted – allowing sales or policy administrators to omit unacceptable options.

The quoting and underwriting process supports a distributed sales model, where external brokers can create quotes through a dedicated broker portal. Policies/certificates are issued automatically if possible, however, configurable underwriting rules determine whether a quote can be accepted automatically or needs manual under­writing; in the latter case, the Underwriter is notified and assigned a case.


Using IBSuite for Brokers

Get a full end-to-end solution for insurance brokers 
• All processes from quote to claims
• Automatic, assisted or manual underwriting
• No IT-hassle. Quick implementation. Easy integration

Get advanced multi-channel sales capabilities
• Direct, web, affinities, sub-agencies, white labels
• Campaign planning & execution
• Swift configuration and implementation of new products and channels