IBA’s Romania operation expanding and moving to larger premises.

IBA’s Bucharest operation is growing at an accelerated rate, this location represents an important part of R&D and Customer Service within the IBA Group. Romania has become a key geography for IBA to find highly qualified team members, both among full-stack engineers with great SaaS and Cloud experience and qualified Customer Service employees for its operation.


A large part of this is the R&D delivery function, this team deliver a monthly release to ALL customers to ensure every customer has the most cutting edge IBSuite capabilities and that IBA are constantly pushing the platform forward month upon month and delivering great value to the customer base.


The other area that IBA focus on from the Romania office is the delivery of support, all of IBA’s clients are supported from Bucharest and they ensure that every one has a fully operational SaaS platform delivering to their requirements 24 hours a day 7 days a week, living up to the most demanding SLA’s in the industry.


The Romania operation is an important location for IBA with its many new and talented individuals joining in the R&D and Customer Service teams, such has been the success that many other business functions are now being considered to be fulfilled by these diverse teams. In support of the drive from IBA to strengthen the Bucharest team, there are plans to grow even further before the end of 2019 and beyond. Many new and exciting roles are currently being considered for IBA Romania so watch this space. We continue to recruit talented staff for all our functions in our Bucharest operation; devops engineer, full stack engineers, multi-lingual customer service agents and quality assurance staff.