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What is IBSuite?

Built as a secure, compliant and resilient platform.

We’ve adopted the cloud operating model and manage a single platform and not a series.

Truly multi-tenant and operated as software as a service

Always up to date (currently updated on a monthly basis – without any downtime)

Backward compatible by design – what worked yesterday also works tomorrow


Ready to explore Open APIs

IBSuite has been designed API First, fully backed by a 100% API coverage based on RESTful APIs. Any relevant function in IBSuite can be reached through one or several API’s in the IBSuite API Stack.

All APIs are both product- and process agnostic, meaning that any change in the configuration of a product or process is automatically reflected in the relevant APIs. A key design criteria for IBSuite is backward compatibility – this applies to APIs as well. IBA ensures that all APIs are always versioned and backward compatible.


Out of the box integrations

IBSuite is designed to be easy to integrate to and from. Wherever it is relevant it is possible to supplement/replace IBSuite functionality with calls to external services.

There are hundreds of hooks. IBSuite can react to events happening in any interface and IBSuite can notify any interface with events happening in IBSuite through webhooks and the likes.

Customers claim speed to market with IBSuite