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IBSuite empowers the customer to configure rules and actions

IBSuite facilitates different types of audit logs, i.e. login audit and history audit. Login Audit keeps track of who logged in, when and how. The history audit keeps track of changes made to changeable entities, i.e. IBSuite keeps track of who changed what, when and even old- and new values. Finally, the system also keeps track of read access logging to master entities.


All changes to objects/entities and their properties are logged.

Segregation of duty by roles and permissions

IBSuite features the use of roles and permissions. Roles consist of permissions and each permission represents a functionality or a feature in IBSuite. IBSuite comes pre-configured with a set of standard roles, however, it is advised that clients verify these roles and/or create new roles that suit their needs and level of security required.

IBSuites updates and developments

The Infrastructure is Fully Automated and Elastic


Continuous Development & New Features

IBSuite is always up-to-date with monthly seamless upgrades. IBA ensures the backwards compatibility at any given point in time.

IBSuite is designed as always-on, a true native cloud solution. The underlying technology is constantly kept up-to-date, improved, exchanged etc. to ensure that IBSuite runs on new, proven technology with no dependencies for the customers to manage. Everything is API based and the underlying implementation is encapsulated by APIs and processes that the customers can access. There are no dependencies to hardware or software providers for the customer to manage/handle.

Blue/Green Deployment allows for structured and secure deployments, rarely are releases even noticed by end users of IBSuite as a result and we very rarely require system down time.

Further to this, the infrastructure and application structure is deployed in the same way and both infrastructure and application structure is deployed using a blue/green strategy.


IBSuite offers a comprehensive setup for data anonymization and privacy configuration, regardless of whether this is GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) or the likes

Data Subject information relevant for GDPR

IBSuite provides reports that include Data Subject information relevant for GDPR.

Flexible anonymization implementation of users

IBSuite allows customers to implement anonymization according to their business requirements.

Excludable Data Object Processing

IBSuite allows for managing data subjects’ call for objection to processing and enables the insurer to clearly mark that a data subject has called for manual administration.

Clients state 20-40% revenue increase with IBSuite