‘’Agile and Iterative, making it happen, momentum and agreed time and scope. Delivering high quality implementations of IBSuite, tailored to the customers specific needs, in an iterative process detailing products, processes, interfaces, migration and reporting requirements and implementing them speedily in a collaborative environment in close contact with the customer’’


  • Product definitions
  • Business process charts
  • Interface definition
  • Reporting requirements
  • Statement of Work
  • High level project plan
  • User stories/scenarios
  • Commercial proposal
  • Mock-ups
  • Architecture
  • Proposal (Terms & condition, pricing, legal, contract)
  • Handover to Delivery


  • Solution Design
  • Design documents
  • Interface Specifications
  • Business process diagrams
  • Sequence diagrams
  • Detailed Project Plan
  • Detailed estimate
  • Project Approach validation.
  • Identification of required CORE changes


  • Built products, processes and interfaces
  • Implementation sprints
  • Test cases
  • Test report
  • Status reporting
  • Burn down charts
  • Handover documentation


  • Lessons learned
  • Handover to support
  • GO LIVE plan
  • Hypercare
  • Handover to Operations