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YouTube channel for IBSuite

Check out the YouTube channel of Insurance Business Applications. You will find brand new instruction videos on IBSuite, our complete multi-channel sales- and policy administration system for the insurance industry, developed by IBA as a full-fledged Software-as-a-Service based solution (SaaS). Subscribe and get announcements whenever we have new tips & tricks.


Did you know…

Did you know, besides being experts within the insurance sector and creating IT solutions for insurance companies, IBA is on the ball when it comes to news within the IT-industry?

We enable innovative insurers to distribute products on smartphone and tablet platforms using e.g. QR-codes in kiosks, flyers, and websites or on customer documents making information available to your customers at the touch of a button.

QR-codes can create a contact in your cell phone, a link to a webpage or an app your customer can download and use for an online purchasing.


Scan the above QR-code with your smartphone or tablet, and it will take you to our webpage. Simple as that.

Minimer data-øer

Vidste du at det er muligt at minimere nogle af data-øerne (GUI grupperne) på eksempelvis en tilbuds-, police eller skadefane sammen, hvis man ikke mener, man har behov for at se al informationen, de indeholder?

Det gøres ved at klikke på overskriften til den data-ø (markeret nedenfor i højre kolonnes nederste data-ø), man ønsker at minimere.

Før man minimerer data-øen, ser det således ud;







Efter man har minimeret data-øen, ser det således ud;






Bemærk, at data-øerne er sat parallelt op i IBSuite, dvs. at man også minimerer den tilsvarende data-ø i den modsatte kolonne.
IBSuite husker denne indstilling, så næste gang man åbner et tilbud, en police, en skade mm. så vises det på den måde, man sidst har anvendt.


Man ophæver minimeringen ved at klikke på overskriften igen.

Action buttons

Depending on your role and daily IBSuite tasks you may benefit from controlling the placement of the menu buttons (e.g. ‘Calculate premium’, ‘Run Collections’ etc.).


In the ‘IBA’ area, under the menu General, you find the ‘My profile’ sub menu where the tab ‘Preferences’ offers you an array of options to configure some usability settings, amongst them, the Menu placement option.

Choose between;

  • Bottom (default setting) for action buttons only in the bottom part of the IBSuite screens
  • Top, for action buttons only at the top part of the IBSuite screens
  • Both, for action buttons both at the top as weel as the bottom.


New Notifications?

There are 2 options for receiving notifications in IBSuite;

1 – Receive an email in your own inbox. This is a great way to ensure that even when offline, you will receive a notification about what you have to do.

2 – Receive a chat message. This works when you are logged into IBSuite with your chat in active mode. This way you will instantly receive notification about what you have to do.


You find the settings in ‘My Profile, ‘Preferences’.

Chat prefs

Favorites speed up navigation

Some functionality, internally in IBSuite as well as externally either in your own company or the environment surrounding your business, you use more frequent than others. These can be defined as your favorites.

Setup your ‘Favorites’ in its Dashboard widget to enable quick navigation to your preferred links (URLs), IPU’s (IBSuite Program Units), Reports (Operational system reports) or Menu Items you often use for your daily tasks.

On advantage of ‘Favorites’ is that throughout your IBSuite, you can access them at a single mouse click from the top, right hand corner of the navigation bar.



Did you know that you can activate the new GoTo pop-up dialog, simply by pressing the letter “g” whenever you are not in a text entry field? It works exactly the same as the well known GoTo menu in the upper right corner..

(Applicable from v.1.7 and on)

GoTo menu