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IBA moves to The Mikado House

We are happy to announce that we are expanding and moved our Danish offices to new and larger offices. We are all set to receive you at our new address: The Mikado House Rued Langgaardsvej 8 2300 Copenhagen Denmark

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IBA at DIA Barcelona 2016

IBA was invited to present how IBA conducts Digital Insurance Innovation with IBSuite, Insurance as a Platform at DIA Barcelona 2016.

We are hiring

IBA is implementing several new IBSuite Software-as-a-Service solutions, and we need 2 new project managers as well as a number of product specialists. IBA is a Born Global company with high growth rates and even higher aspirations, with customers currently performing their business in 25+ countries. We are headquartered in central Copenhagen, Denmark, with business partners on three continents.

As an IBA project manager you will bring projects safely and successfully to their goals, being responsible for time, finances, quality of deliveries, and not least customer satisfaction.

As an IBA product specialist you are technically rooted in the project, being responsible for a high quality of even complicated functions, processes and data. You work closely together with clients, partners and your colleagues.


New white paper on Insurance IT projects

We have all heard of projects with massive overruns and severe benefit shortfalls. And maybe you’ve even tried yourself to be presented with a revised project schedule and an extra bill far too close to what you believed was the project delivery date?

In IBA’s new white paper we argue that there are five significant drivers of our considerably shorter implementation time of an insurance IT project. These five drivers are all summed up in the statement “Complexity is the enemy” because reducing the complexity of the project is the only way to speed up implementation. And the best thing is; the impact of reducing complexity is non-linear. So, a project team of three people can actually achieve the same as thirty people on other insurance IT-platforms.

This is why large projects should be avoided, and why IBSuite makes such a big difference.

Extract of the paper:
Software platforms vs. standard applications

Many enterprise insurance solutions today come as standard packaging with pre-defined processes and products, which then can be adapted to the insurance company through an implementation project. If we draw a parallel to building construction, this would be the equivalent to a construction process where you always started with a default 100-story building, and then demolished what was not needed and redecorated the rest remembering that the load-bearing walls cannot be moved. And often you probably wouldn’t demolish anything to avoid collateral damage, and accept the cost of extra maintenance and utilities for the surplus square-meters.

Get the White paper here