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IBSuite: Insurance Claims Administration

Claims administration is an integral part of IBSuite thus allowing the claims handler to take full advantage of all data and registrations in the system. Likewise, all important claims data are accessible for other authorized users as a part of the 360⁰ customer centric IBSuite data model.

Subsidiary of an International Insurer

The insurance industry is approaching a breakpoint where the market changes will accelerate further, and the ability to adapt to the new situation will become the decisive factor for the well-being of many of today’s insurance companies.

Business are moving away from tied agents to independent brokers, MGA’s, internet channels and affinities, and especially for the consumer products we see increasing commoditization and de-bundling – and certainly a wealth of new products, channels and business models will continue to surface over the coming years.

IBSuite: Insurance Sales Management

We designed our IBA platform, IBSuite, with this in mind and a special focus on building a customer centric insurance application, where configuration – not development – of new products and channels is quick and easy. We offer IBSuite as a Software-as-a-Service deployment model, which effectively shields you from costly and time-consuming upgrade projects, system maintenance and IT infrastructure costs.

IBSuite: Insurance Marketing & Campaign Management

Data is everything. With IBSuite you can have full access to all the customer data that are collected by your Sales-, Claims- and Policy-administration teams; not only factual data like age, gender, family relations or active products, but also more behavioural data like campaign results or not accepted quotes.

IBSuite: Insurance Broker Processes

With IBSuite insurance software for brokers you can enable your brokers and customers to use self-service, and at the same time get significantly smaller implementation projects, easy configuration of new products and channels, cloud-based delivery and a transparent revenue-sharing model. We believe all this would satisfy your need for agility, reduce your IT resources and give you a nice and transparent cost model.

IBSuite: New Business Innovation

IBSuite is a full-fledged multi-channel sales and policy administration system, covering all processes around sales, marketing, policies, billing, claims and customer service. All processes and functionality are easily configured, and can be further enriched by adding integration to internal systems or third-party data providers. You can do business in multiple countries, languages and currencies, all in the same system but with total segregation between organizational units when needed. IBSuite is available as a complete wall-to-wall solution or can be integrated with your legacy system.

IBSuite: Micro Tariffing

IBSuite’s tariff and rating solution offers a combination of strengths from the powerful table based rating engine and the flexible rule-/scripting based rating engine. The data used for micro tariffing can either be stored locally or consumed via web-services from a third party data provider – or a combination of the two.

We are hiring

IBA is implementing several new IBSuite Software-as-a-Service solutions, and we need 2 new project managers as well as a number of product specialists. IBA is a Born Global company with high growth rates and even higher aspirations, with customers currently performing their business in 25+ countries. We are headquartered in central Copenhagen, Denmark, with business […]