Operational Services

Reliable, responsive, proactive, supportive: involving daily business operations providing IBSuite SaaS Platform with innovations, automatic upgrade, technical support and managed services

Managed Services

A dedicated team of highly experienced consultants and IBSuite experts are focused on maximising and realising the full potential of your investment in IBSuite. IBA tailors operational services to meet your individual business needs. We works pro-actively to prevent problems from occurring and react immediately with skilled people who know your environment. Operational Support is a proactive service that helps ensure performance and service levels are maintained with a 24/7 help desk support and on-site visits.

IBA’s Managed Services (below) are built around the IBSuite Core Services which is included in the SaaS License Agreement. An automatic supplementary addition to the IBSuite Core Services is the Private SaaS Maintenance Services which are client specific. Customers then have the option to add Extended Support Services and/or IBSuite Operational Services and/or IBSuite Cloud Integration Services.

IBSuite Core Services

Core services includes hosting and data security services, the SaaS application including the core, configurable components, and associated ongoing innovation, development and upgrades. Further the SaaS Services includes a service desk as well as support and maintenance of the core application components for super users.

IBSuite Premier Services

As our clients decide to acquire IBSuite, IBA Professional Services or that of one of our skilled Partners will help configure and implement the software for their specific usage, such that IBSuite consists of a core SaaS Component and a Private SaaS Components. The core components are maintained and developed as part of the IBSuite SaaS Services, whereas the Premier Service Plan is a mandatory managed service for the Private SaaS Component.

IBSuite Premier + Services

In addition to the Professional Services, IBA also offers operational outsourcing of activities related to the ongoing operation of the client’s Private SaaS implementation. Acting as a super user, and facilitating best in class utilization of IBSuite, on an ongoing basis.