Engagement Services

‘’Teamwork, gaining shared insight, co-creation and agreeing scope. Involving business people, users/consumers, designers, and skilled IBSuite architects in an iteractive process, which is applied to define business design, customer journeys, insurance products, processes, interfaces. It is a process to imagine and define future states and to bring products, services, and experiences, to market.’’

Work Shops

Think Outside the Box. Explore and define new possibilities for your business through in depth workshops with our experts.

The workshops are a transparent process that involve everything from, estimate models, business process diagrams, commercial positioning, solution design, product definition, user stories and scenarios, architecture, GUI models, mockups, interface specifications and more.

Global Scale

We enable your business to allocate and optimize your resources to drive the greatest results and volume across market segments through giving you the best in class environment to step change your ability to innovate, automate and integrate on a global scale.