Perspectives on IBSuite in relationship to what your companys role is in the Insurance Industry (I work at…)

Subsidiary of an International Insurer

As a subsidiary of an international insurance company you enjoy being a part of a large family with a lot of determination and resources.

Most corporate organizations do a great job in providing IT-services for their local subsidiaries, however many subsidiaries occasionally experience that the timing or a specific requirement make it necessary to look outside of corporate IT for a solution.

IBSuite – created with SME units of large corporations in mind

Managing IT projects all the way from requirements specification to deployment on own hardware can be challenging for organizations with scarce IT-resources. Therefore, IBSuite is designed with focus on quick and agile implementation, and is deployed as Software-as-a-Service where all operations and maintenance are taken care of by IBA or our Business Alliance Partners.
Our current international customers use IBSuite in local subsidiaries to cover a broad spectrum of needs, ranging from full-fledged wall-to-wall sales- and administration systems, to more specialized sales platforms for small-ticket insurance or to claims management. IBSuite are compliant with EU and local legislation and has advanced built-in audit/logging mechanisms making it easy to document compliance with corporate rules as well.
IBSuite are available in three versions targeting Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers and Insurance Agencies/MGA’s.
Key benefits of using IBSuite:
  • All consumer or commercial non-life product lines supported
  • Multi-channel sales (direct, affinities, web, mobile, white labels or sub-agencies)
  • Supports all processes; Marketing, Quote-to-Bind, Claims, Financial
  • Quick implementation and configuration of new products
  • Easy integration to other systems using modern IT standards
  • Attractive pricing model based on share of GWP managed
  • Compliant with local and EU data privacy and financial regulation
  • Enterprise level security
  • Supports multiple currencies and languages
  • Supports multiple organizations with total segregation between organizational units if and where needed
  • No IT-operations skills needed
  • See also Solution Areas at the right

Potential Business Alliance Partner

IBA is experiencing rapid growth, closing new deals every month. Therefore, we are constantly on the lookout for new business partners, who would like to become a part of a new global success.

What we offer
  • An extremely useful account-opener with a value proposition based on
    • a new type of solution – with focus on customer centricity, business agility and the notion that the Insurance industry is at a breakpoint
    • a solution with platform capabilities and room for up-sell & cross-sell
    • a go-to-market approach based on sliding-in instead of rip-and-replace
  • A membership of a vibrant Ecosystem with Advisors, Implementers and Integrators
  • A significant cut if you do the sale and support
  • Loyalty to our partner model and you
What we are looking for
  • Partnerships with companies having proved excellence in the triangle between
    • High level Advisory services for the Insurance industry
    • IT-implementation & Support services for standard systems
    • Providing functional- or data services for the Insurance industry
  • Local 1st and 2nd line support capability
  • Sales skills and experience within the Insurance industry in one or more geographies
  • Loyalty to the concept of a true partnership
    • No exclusivity – but clear communication if/when competitive situations arise
    • High mutual trust when working on a deal
    • Long term relationship